There are no upcoming Inspira writing workshops currently scheduled. If you have a group of would-be authors who would like to schedule one, please contact us and we’d be happy to accommodate you at a convenient time for your group.  Minimum 4 participants.


Inspira’s writing workshops for aspiring authors provide you with the inspiration, encouragement, and information you need! With tested principle and strategies, we have brought over three dozen books into print. We wanted a way to make that expertise available to authors who are not quite ready for the full menu of our services, but wanted some tools to get started on a dream of their own: writing and publishing a book.

If you are interested in hosting or attending an Inspira Literary Solutions one or two-day workshop, please contact us through our contact page.

“What a wealth of knowledge, Arlyn and Kerry had nuggets of pure literary gold and shared with a passion that inspired. I highly recommend any workshop that Inspira offers to current and aspiring authors.”
– Karissa Meador, workshop attendee

There are no upcoming workshops scheduled at this time.

Part 1 – Writing and Refining Your Book Manuscript

(Read about our previous workshops)

Learn tested principles and strategies to write your book manuscript and prepare it for publication.
* Why write a book—and what kind?
* Establishing your book’s objectives
* Developing a plot (fiction) or outline (non-fiction)
* Getting your ideas flowing
* Titling
* Components of good writing
* How to refine your manuscript

Part 2 – Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

(Read about our previous workshops)

How do you go from getting your ideas onto paper to getting your book into the hands of your readers? What does that process look like? Where to start? We answer these questions and more in this workshop.
*Understanding the editorial process
*Choosing your publishing route
*Navigating the self-publishing process
– Principles of book design
– Knowing your printing options
– Distribution, fulfillment, and marketing
– Launching your book
*Navigating the traditional publishing process
*Developing your author website
*Marketing and networking
*Establishing your action plan