A few comments from past clients of Inspira:

“Arlyn and her team at Inspira are a blessing to aspiring authors and their future readers. She helped me go from idea/concept/research-in-hand to professionally published and printed book-in-hand, ready to ship to customers. If you have a manuscript ready or just the idea and motivation to write a book, you’ll do well to connect with Arlyn. Her wisdom and counsel (and editing superpowers!) will provide the framework needed to guide your project from the Start line all the way to the exciting Finish! It’s my privilege to endorse her and her Inspira team.”

Scott Costin, author of The Doctor Won’t See You Now


“Arlyn brought inspiration and encouragement to my personal project that came to life as we teamed up together. It was no small task she undertook with a rookie like me: four volumes! She was willing to learn my style, challenge my stuck spots, make the rough spots smoother and draw out more of me than I knew was there. I am very pleased by the service and the spirit of Arlyn and her team!”

John Lewis, Director, Kingdom Story Ministries, and author of The Kingdom Story, Celebrating Advent, and It Was No Accident


“Arlyn Lawrence is a gift. As a first time author and self publisher of a book and leadership curriculum, my needs were considerable and my learning curve steep. I would require developmental editing, project management, design, curriculum development, and a business and social media strategy to reach our target markets. Arlyn’s experience, talents, and versatility allowed me to fulfill all of these requirements in one person. Specifically, 1) as editor, she made significant enhancements to my manuscript involving tone, study questions, and quotes. Arlyn is very tuned in with target audiences and goes far beyond making grammatical and verbiage suggestions; 2) as curriculum developer, she took the lead role in creating a student/facilitator guide that is innovative and engaging; 3) in project coordination, she partnered in managing the project, taking the lead on critical details, and contributing to key design decisions; and 4) in business strategy, she plays a lead role in providing social media and website content, participates in key conventions and speaking engagements, and is an invaluable member of our leadership team. Aside from Arlyn’s considerable skills, what stands out most of all is her commitment to her client’s success, her encouragement, and her joyful spirit. She is a consummate team player and now, a lifetime friend. I wholeheartedly endorse her.”

Dennis Trittin, President and CEO of LifeSmart Publishing and author of What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons for the Road Ahead 


“I heartily recommend working with Arlyn. I contracted with her to be the developmental editor for my book, Facing the Blitz. I viewed Arlyn as a coach and team mate, along with the editing role. She is gifted in seeking the author’s voice, laying out the writing plan, framing the content, and in making it practical. Great working relationship. Great professional editing and creativity.”

Jeff Kemp, Former NFL Quarterback and Vice President of Family Life, author of Facing the Blitz


“I work with organizations who want a culture of mutual trust and respect. Arlyn was my content editor for my first publication; Listen & Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader. Her job was to make sure the content flowed in an understandable manner. She even took time out to study my concepts and practice them to gain experiential knowledge for the process. She was direct and professional in her approach and was able to present her ideas and opinions in a way that made sense, although sometimes I did not want to hear what she had to say. She was sensitive to that and handled it wonderfully.”

Richard Himmer, Speaker/Coach, author of Listen & Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader


“Arlyn added a great deal of value to the production of my book: Time Management Tweets for Busy Executives. Not only did she provide expert editing services, she also worked with me to create a development schedule that I found extremely helpful. As a first time author I valued her experience as she guided me through the publishing process and added many helpful ideas and tips along the way. Her knowledge, insight, and skills made this project a success and a lot of fun at the same time. I found her to be a deeply committed professional dedicated to providing the best for her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is serious about publishing a top-notch book in their field.”

Bill Branson, Business Strategist/Performance Consultant, author of Time Management Tweets for Busy Executives


“Arlyn is a highly valued editor and ambassador for LifeSmart. Her love of people is contagious and her passion for her work make her a joy to work with. Arlyn’s editing expertise, public speaking skills, and creative mind have proved to be an invaluable asset to the team.”

Mike Trittin, Marketing Director at LifeSmart Publishing


“I’ve worked many times with Arlyn on book publishing projects for large and emerging ministries. Her literary skills are just some of the expertise that I could recommend. She knows how to see a project (any kind of project it seems) through to excellent completion. Arlyn has developed a high level of organizational discipline and leadership skill equal to her many years of running complex programs, launching new initiatives, writing, speaking, and meeting project deadlines while keeping a family healthy and raising kids to adulthood. I don’t know where she gets so much energy and I don’t get how she’s done all that and still looks like she’s fresh out of college.”

Dan DePriest,  Scribe Book Company – Ghostwriter, Editor, Publishing Project Manager


“Arlyn is an excellent communicator who always can find a way to make a project work. She has strong written and verbal skills, and has an good sense of her audience. Creative, professional, fun, Arlyn is a joy to work with.”

Cynthia Bezek, Editorial Director at Community BIble Study


“It’s rare you come across diverse talent like Arlyn! I have had the pleasure of working with Arlyn as a collegue, collaborating on multiple publications and varying projects. I am always amazed how Arlyn can take a vision and turn in into a story. Not only can she write a book with eloquence and accuracy, but she is an advocate for her clients and their vision. Her homemade treats for morning meetings are also a fun plus! Any client would be lucky to have Arlyn working to help achieve their publication dreams.”

Stevie Trittin, Consultant/Designer