Inspira, LLC

dba Inspira Literary Solutions

Address:  5790 Soundview Dr. , Suite 201F,  Gig Harbor,  WA  98335

Phone: (253) 548-5957

Email: OR







5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi. My name is Jim Thoburn. I’m a friend of John Lewis. I have a manuscript and am curious about the process and cost of publishing? I had thought about Amazon but I’m a dinosaur with all the computer stuff etc. My email is revthoburn@yahoo. com



    1. Jim, I wanted to let you know I’m doing a writers workshop in Gig Harbor on June 18, next Saturday. Might be something you would be interested in. It will help you develop your book and understand the process of refining your manuscript and getting it ready for publication. Details are on my website, and also on our Facebook event page. Or you can call me at 253-548-5957 . -Arlyn


  2. Mike Riches and wife Cindy Riches would like to register and pay attending the June 18 workshop. Please send to me the registration form and registration price.


  3. Hi Arlyn; Your mom brought the SophifTEAcation book with her when they stopped for a couple of days. I am very interested in purchasing one when they are available in Canada or the US as the cost to get it from Indonesia is very high. Our daughter collects tea cups and tea pots so it would be a treat for her. Please let me know when it is available in North America. Thanks. Your mom’s cousin – Sharon (Dickson) Cumming


    1. Hi Sharon, my apologies, somehow I never saw this comment! Unfortunately the SophisTEAcation book is not currently available in Canada or the US. But if it ever happens, I will be sure to let you know. The publisher in Indonesia has not yet negotiated any rights with a Canadian or US distributor. I did just meet with their CEO recently though, when she was in the US for Christmas, and it’s still a possibility.I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your interest! ~Warmly, Arlyn


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