Why Your Book Needs a Developmental Editor

  When my youngest daughter was in second grade, I once accompanied her class on a field trip to the zoo. Hillary was delighted to have me with her on the school bus full of loudly chattering children. One of her classmates, a young man of about seven, sized me up and asked boldly over … Continue reading Why Your Book Needs a Developmental Editor

Mapping Your Manuscript

“When most people think of an ‘editor,’ they generally think about someone who weeds out all the bad grammar, misspelled words, and typos from a manuscript.  That is only partially true. This is copy editing. A good copy editor knows the rules of grammar and uses them scrupulously to polish your manuscript. A developmental editor, on the other hand, … Continue reading Mapping Your Manuscript

When It’s Time to STOP Writing Your Book

You gotta know when to hold ‘em Know when to fold ‘em Know when to walk away . . . Okay, so technically that line from an old Kenny Rogers song is talking about gambling, not writing a book. But either way, it still holds true. Sometimes, you just need to know when to walk … Continue reading When It’s Time to STOP Writing Your Book

Who Me, Write a Book?

“Why should I write a book? There are so many others out there already. How can I possibly have anything new to say on the topic?”

This is probably one of the most frequent objections I hear from would-be authors, many times leaders in their fields who have been urged to think about writing a book. They ask, What do I have to contribute that someone else hasn’t already?

Why Writing a Book Is Like Building a House

  My house was recently under construction. Chaos, tarps, and paint fumes everywhere! During the month-long process, we decided to paint the ceiling and a few accent walls before the new floors were put in, the last thing on the construction to-do list. We freely painted the walls without a drop cloth, letting our bright … Continue reading Why Writing a Book Is Like Building a House

Ditching Your Inner Perfectionist

Ah, procrastination. The bane of many of us. Even people who are usually “drivers” can have a tendency to procrastinate when it’s a task they find overwhelming . . . or when they think they can’t do it perfectly. This frequently shows up when a person has to write something, particularly if he or she … Continue reading Ditching Your Inner Perfectionist


A few comments from past clients of Inspira: “Arlyn and her team at Inspira are a blessing to aspiring authors and their future readers. She helped me go from idea/concept/research-in-hand to professionally published and printed book-in-hand, ready to ship to customers. If you have a manuscript ready or just the idea and motivation to write a … Continue reading Reviews

Available March 24th – “Facing the Blitz” by Jeff Kemp

It was a joy and a privilege for me to serve as developmental editor with Jeff Kemp (Family Life Vice President and former NFL Quarterback) in the writing of his book, Facing the Blitz: Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs, released March 24th by Bethany House Publishers. It is available at your local bookstore, bethanyhouse.com or … Continue reading Available March 24th – “Facing the Blitz” by Jeff Kemp

New Book Launch! Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business

I’m excited to announce the publication of Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business by Frank Coker, a project on which I was delighted to serve as developmental editor and publishing project manager. If you own–or know someone who owns–a business, I hope you’ll order a copy right away. Pulse is full of practical … Continue reading New Book Launch! Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business


The Inspira team has served as developmental editors, writers, designers, illustrators, and publishing managers on a number of fine books and curricular resources. Our authors are all world changers and working with them has been an honor and a privilege. Here is our Hall of Fame:   New Release!  May 2018 Unshackled: A Story of Redemption John … Continue reading Portfolio