Setting Yourself up for Success During the Holidays

A little while ago we wrote a blog called “What Gets Scheduled Is What Gets Done!” in which we encouraged writers to make an action plan and schedule their writing. However, that was back in the summer when we were all optimistic about our time and energy. It is easy to make grand plans during the bright summer sunny days.

Unfortunately, here in the Pacific Northwest, it is no longer sunny and perhaps many of you, like myself, are struggling to keep up with your projects. This is not going to get easier as the holiday season approaches! However, don’t let one or two off days (or weeks or months!) discourage you from writing. The important thing is that your project gets finished and your ideas get shared with the world. Progress is not about perfection, but perseverance.


If you have a writing goal you have put down on paper, try to stick to it. Take realistic stock of your time and what can get done, and then guard your writing hours! This will mean planning ahead. This may even mean saying no. Really take some time to reflect on the importance of your writing and your writing deadline. The reality is, this season of life may mean making sacrifices for your project. (If you do not have a writing goal and/or do not schedule your writing time, now is a great time to  do so!)

Why is it so important to set yourself up for success during the holidays? Many people find it hard to stick to their normal routine during the holidays as their schedules fills up with activities and social events. With so much to do and more people around the house, it’s hard to put time into extra personal projects, like writing a book.

Before the holidays begin, take some time to think about the challenges of keeping your writing routine during the holidays and create a plan to handle them as they arise. Here is a self-reflection/ journaling exercise you can use:

  1. List the challenges you face during the holidays/vacation:
  2. List possible strategies/tips to set yourself up for success during the holidays/vacation:
  3. Identify one or two commitments you will make to yourself regarding these strategies:

Success in writing, or anything else, is rarely achieved in one fell swoop.  It is more often attained in slow, methodical progress toward a goal.  With that in mind, here’s to keeping your eye on the finish line—and to reaching it!

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