Workshop Wrap Up

You may remember back in June we hosted our first workshop, “So You Have a Story, Now What?” Participants ranging from business leaders to creatives came from all over with a story idea, looking for the tools and inspiration they needed to start writing (or to finish!) a book.

But writing is only half the story. How do you go from getting your ideas onto paper to getting your book into the hands of your readers? What does that process look like? Where to start? We answered these questions in part two of our workshop, “Steps to Publishing Your Manuscript.”


There are many ways to publish, print, distribute, and market a book (probably as many ways as there are books). The trick is to figure out what works for your particular book and audience (or “tribe”). As a boutique book development company, this is what Inspira does best. From whatever stage a book is in when people bring their project to us, we work to find the unique and perfect strategies to bring the project to fruition and make it a success.

We wanted to provide a condensed and more accessible way to offer practical tools, information, and inspiration to authors. Ergo, the workshop! Once again, we met at the Gig Harbor Marina overlooking the water and were blessed with a perfect Indian summer day. In fact, by the time we had lunch, it was a perfect 75 degrees. Nothing beats eating fish and chips by the water on a sunny day!


One thing we think is unique about Inspira is that, while our clients are all authors, they are not all necessarily writers. We believe each client has a unique message to share, and a unique tribe with which to share it. This workshop’s participants included fiction writers, businessmen and women, artists, and community leaders.

Some participants came to the workshop because they have always wanted to write a book and wanted to find out more about the process. Others came with several published books under their belts, seeking how to best market and network. No matter what stage of the process someone was in, we wanted to make sure they left with the action steps and encouragement they needed!


At the end of the workshop, each and every person had a plan of action and said they felt encouraged in the pursuit of their dreams. “What a wealth of knowledge,” one participant told us afterwards, “Arlyn and Kerry had nuggets of pure literary gold and shared with a passion that inspired. I highly recommend any workshop that Inspira offers to current and aspiring authors.”

Our next workshop will be part one again, “Writing and Refining Your Book Manuscript,” on Saturday, January 28th, at the Gig Harbor Marina again. If you are an author (or aspiring author) with a book idea to develop, we hope you’ll join us!

Blog post written by Kerry Wade, Assistant Editor.

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