For the Love of Words: Kerry


This is the third in our series of “What Inspires You to Write?” featuring members of our Inspira team. This week we hear from Assistant Editor (and certified world traveler) Kerry Wade:

For many people, writing is a means to an end. They have a message, idea, or story they want share with the world, and writing is their vehicle to do so. For me, writing can be an end in and of itself.

I love the world of words; or perhaps it is better to say the worlds that words can create. I am inspired by creative descriptions and phrases. If you were to look through my journal, you would discover it is not at all linear or cohesive. It does not detail the A to B to C of my day. Instead, it contains descriptions of flower petals and snippets of phrases torn out of conversations. I love perfectly paired words. Give me an exotic metaphor and I am good to go.

Most of my own writing is poetry, as it is the perfect medium for a lover of metaphors. It allows me to play with words without needing a context or a plot to house them. But there is something I love even more: helping others write. I am most energized and excited when someone comes to me with a great story and I am able to be a sounding wall for ideas to make it better.

As I went through the typical post-college “What do I do now?” phase, I realized that my favorite part of my writing classes was working collaboratively with other writers. I cherished the moments when we sat around a table in the library and threw out title ideas or pointed out character flaws. I got to use my love of playing with words to help others! That realization led me to what I do now, working as an editor for Inspira. While we don’t always get to sit around a table thinking of the perfect way to phrase a sentence (sometimes we do!), we get to help people take their ideas and form them into something beautiful.

So, when I am not snatching metaphors out of the air or throwing around title ideas, where do I get my motivation to return to my computer day after day? Although everyone’s sources of inspiration are different, here are a few of mine:

  • Good writing/art: Nothing makes me want to write more than reading a really good book. There are a few authors that keep I always on my shelf. I know that I can pick them up whenever I need some motivating and they will provide a breath of fresh inspiration. The same goes with good art of any kind. I believe excellence inspires excellence.
  • Passionate people: There is nothing more inspiring than someone pursuing their dreams and working hard to make them a reality.
  • Travel: I love the way it forces me to break all my routines, get out of my comfort zone, and do things I’ve never done before. I swear I work better when I have a ticket sitting in my inbox. When I know I will be traveling in the near future, I don’t mind curling up with my computer all day and writing.
  • Organization: After talking about breaking routines, I am going to come back and say that routine and organization are a Godsend. I cannot even begin to still my mind enough to write if my desk is a mess or my day is not detailed in my planner. (Although, I have to be careful not to use organization as a means of “productive” procrastination.)
  • Peace: Writing and editing take focus. If my mind is frazzled, my writing suffers. When I operate out of a place of peace, I am able to easily enter into that place of focus and flow. (Sometimes this means I have to take time to deal with the internal or external lack of peace in my life before I can write.) My ideal writing environment includes soft music, a nice smelling candle, and a cup of tea. While these things don’t create peace, they help usher it in.

What inspires you to write?

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