Team Time at Inspira


We were busy bees last week at Inspira. Our editorial toolkits are now bursting with new resources, ideas, and strategies! We’re excited to share with you what we’ve been up to recently, and how our growth will help our clients.

Last week we were graced with a week-long visit from one of our contributing editors, Connie Willems. Connie works remotely, so she flew in from Oklahoma City to not only meet our whole team face-to-face, but to offer valuable advice and insight. She has an extensive background in book and periodical publishing, and also works as a life coach (you can check out her website at, so we were eager to learn from her!

We gathered the whole team together for a day-long workshop that focused on strategy, personal writing skills, team building, style guides, and more. (We can’t think of a better way to spend a day than discussing how to properly write em dashes and ellipses…can you?) Connie drew on her many years of experience to help us hone our skills, which will in turn allow us to better help our clients. The stronger our skills and experiences, the stronger our books!


Of course we had lofty goals of impressing Connie (the successful editor and publisher that she is) with our smooth, hiccup-free business operations, but fate had other plans. One of our books was going to print during her visit, which is usually the most harried step in the book-creating process. A couple of last-minute changes made for a frenzied (yet exciting) week full of drama. Thanks, Connie, for your assistance in successfully navigating the snags!

Now that we’re on the other side of our week full of learning, creating, and teambuilding, we are excited and eager for new projects and possibilities. We have fresh resources under our belt to help our authors get their story or message from idea in head to book in hand!


Blog post by Heather Sipes, Assistant Editor at Inspira.  You’ll get to know Heather a little better next week when we start our new blog series, “What Inspires YOU?”

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